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40 Day Challenge - Starting January 9th 2023

Our 40 Day Challenge is designed to challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually.  

“At the Shaolin Temple, our masters told us that it took 40 days before any lasting change would happen in our mind and body. Buddha sat for 40 days under the Bodhi tree before he gained enlightenment. Jesus and Mohammed fasted for 40 days before they went back into the world to share their teachings. Scientists have found that after 40 days, the neural pathways in our brain make a lasting change.” – Shifu Yan Lei

We will be holding an orientation session on Thursday January 5th 6:30 – 8:30pm. Click here to book your spot – 40 Day Challenge Orientation Booking


40 Day Challenge Program

Our program is divided into 3 sections – physical, mental and spiritual. The program will involve “at home” challenges as well as “in class” challenges. 

To participate in the 40 Day Challenge you can attend either the Kung Fu or the Tai Chi programs or you can attend both. 

You can attend as many classes as you like each week during the Challenge. 



You can view our timetable here:



40 Day Challenge Orientation Booking 

Thursday January 5th from 6:30 – 8:30pm I will be hosting our 40 Day Challenge Orientation. 

During the orientation, I will be outlining the 40 Day Challenge Program and we will have an introduction to our Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes. 

To book in your spot for this, please click here – 40 Day Challenge Orientation Booking