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Little Dragons Kung Fu!

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Our Little Dragons Kung Fu Program is our dedicated 4 – 6 year old program. 

Students are taught the foundations of Shaolin Kung Fu in a fun, safe, and positive environment. 

Students are taught various kicks, punches, blocks and self defence techniques as well as short Kung Fu routines, know as “forms”. 

These forms help students to develop their strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. 

They teach the students various martial arts skills as well as helping them to improve their focus and memory retention. 

We’ve found that the students love to practice these routines as they are short and they can easily recall and remember them. Best of all they look great and they love to show their family and friends.

Many parents choose to start their child in our Little Dragons program to help give them more confidence as well as to improve focus and discipline.



“Joe” was a very shy and timid 5 year old. 

His mum brought him in to trial our Little Dragons classes as she wanted him to build his confidence and she also wanted him to find a fun physical activity or sport that he would enjoy. 

Like most kids his age, he was very shy and timid when he first came in. He did not actually participate in the lesson and he was clung to his mum. He was scared about coming onto the training floor, scared of the new environment and he was scared about meeting new people. 

His first lesson did not go so well, however his mum chose to persist and give it another go.

They came back again for the Thursday class. This time Joe participated a little in the class. He had become a little more comfortable. 

His mum decided that they will continue and be back the next week. 

Joe came back. With each class he got more and more comfortable. He started to make some friends in the class and he really started to enjoy the training. 

Over the next few weeks Joe’s confidence began to grow. He was loving the classes and his mum would tell me how much he is practicing all the time! 

I would see him in the class and notice how much he was developing, and so quickly. 

Two months laster it was time for his first Little Dragons grading. 

Joe very confidently performed all of his Kung Fu skills, his self defence, he broke a wooden board with a snap kick and he confidently performed his Kung Fu form in front of everyone. 

The most impressive thing was that because Joe had practiced so much, he could instantly recall and perform each of the 10 movements, in any order. I would call out “move 3”, and instantaneously he would perform the moves. It was amazing to see! 

Joe was very proud of himself for what he had accomplished in such a short period of time. 

Fast forward almost 2 years and Joe is now a strong, confident, and respectful almost 7 year old. He has made some great friends in his Little Dragons class and he has now started to merge into the Kids Kung Fu program, which is our 7-12 year old program. 

Even though he is one of the smallest in the class, he is not afraid to show everyone his great Kung Fu skills! 

This is just one example of many successes from our Little Dragons Kung Fu program.