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Lose Weight, Get Fit And Feel Powerful now

With our Fitness Kickboxing Classes!

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    Fitness Kickboxing Classes Starting Now!

    • Lose Weight - Up to 800 Calories burned each class!
    • Tone Up - High reps of punching, kicking and body weight exercises
    • Get Fit - High Intensity workouts!
    • Have Fun - Meet new people!
    • Feel Great! - Knowing you are creating a better YOU!

    Come on down and try our Fitness Kickboxing classes Now!

    Enjoy a high energy, fun filled, satisfying workout that will leave you feeling great! 

    Our fitness Kickboxing classes will not only help you Lose Weight, but it will teach valuable Martial Arts and Kickboxing techniques that will work the whole body! You will increase your cardio endurance, increase strength, flexibility and your Confidence! 

    After a few short months you will be feeling like a new you! You will be feeling lean, walk with a spring in your step and be ready to tackle each day! 

    This is going to be your year! 

    Get started with our Free Trial! 

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