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Personal Training

Personal Training Previous Next Shifu Ben is available for one on one personal training sessions in:  Shaolin Kung Fu  Tai Chi Chuan (Yang and Zhaobao Styles)  Qigong  Kung Fu Weaponry  Fitness Kickboxing Self Defence  Please enquire for more details. Ben is a great martial arts teacher and a true gentlemen. I am lucky to have […]

Shaolin Lineage

Our Shaolin Lineage Great Grandmaster Shi Su Xi 释素喜 30th Generation Shaolin Monk Grandmaster Shi De Yang 释德杨 31st Generation Shaolin Monk Da Shifu David Greenland Shi Xing Ao 释行澳 32nd Generation Shaolin Monk Shifu Ben Copeman Black Belt “Shifu” under Da Shifu David Greenland My son has been in training with Sifu Ben for […]

Fitness Kickboxing

Lose Weight, Get Fit And Feel Powerful now With our Fitness Kickboxing Classes! Previous Next Fitness Kickboxing Classes Starting Now! Lose Weight – Up to 800 Calories burned each class! Tone Up – High reps of punching, kicking and body weight exercises Get Fit – High Intensity workouts! Have Fun – Meet new people! Feel […]

Tai Chi and Qigong

Refresh The Mind, Body And Spirit With Tai Chi And Qigong Get Started with our Tai Chi And Qigong Program Today! Improve Physical Fitness: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that exercises the whole body! Emphasising the core and legs, whilst learning to relax the arms and shoulders. Reduce Stress: Relax the body […]

Teens & Adults Shaolin Kung Fu

Develop Yourself Physically, Mentally, Emotionally And Spiritually! Learn A New Way Of Life With Our Adults Shaolin Kung Fu Improve Physical Fitness: Shaolin Kung Fu exercises the whole body! Reduce Stress: Leave your worries at the door! Improve Self Confidence: Do things you never thought possible whilst learning to effectively defend yourself and your family! […]

Kids Shaolin Kung Fu

Build Confidence, Improve Focus And Have Fun With Our Kids Shaolin Kung Fu! Start Your Child In Our Kids Shaolin Kung Fu Program Today! Build Confidence: Through bringing out the best in your Child! Improve Focus: Through Traditional Martial Arts training exercises. Meet New Friends: Great for Kids to socialise and make new friends. Have […]

Little Dragons Kung Fu

Build Confidence, Improve Focus And Have Fun With Our Little Dragons Kung Fu! Start Your Child In Our Little Dragons Program Today! Our Little Dragons Kung Fu Program is our dedicated 4 – 6 year old program.  Students are taught the foundations of Shaolin Kung Fu in a fun, safe, and positive environment.  Students are […]