Develop Yourself Physically, Mentally, Emotionally And Spiritually!.

Learn A New Way Of Life With

Our Adults Shaolin Kung Fu (14+Yrs)

Start Your New Year With Adults Shaolin Kung Fu!

  • Improve Physical Fitness: Shaolin Kung Fu exercises the whole body!
  • Reduce Stress: Leave your worries at the door!
  • Improve Self Confidence: Do things you never thought possible whilst learning to effectively defend yourself and your family!
  • Spiritual Development: Learn more about yourself, feel better than ever and gain a more positive outlook on life!

Shaolin Kung Fu is way more than just another workout, it is a whole new way of life!

Learn what the Shaolin Monks of China have been practicing for the past 1500 years do develop themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Our Kung Fu comes direct from the Shaolin temple, under the lineage of 32nd Generation Shaolin Monk – Shi Xing Ao (Sifu David Greenland) and his Master – Grandmaster Shi De Yang – 31st Generation Shaolin Monk.

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